New! Milacron PowerPak all electric packaging machine!

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Notice the THK style bearings that now guide the moving platen!
No tie bar bushing, entire platen and up to 2/3 of mold weight supported by the bearings.

PowerPAK, which will be offered at the NPE 2009 show in Chicago, IL (Booth #S24012), June 22-26,2009. The machine features advanced earth-friendly technology and incorporates and extends beyond the proven designs of the Cincinnati Milacron Powerline NT series, which has been a market leader for the past 10 years.
PowerPAK is an electric-based machine with selectable axis configuration (SAC). The new model is available as an all electric on all 4 machine axis’s (clamp, injection, ejection, extruder), or as a combination of the ejector and injection axis as hydraulic. The clamp and extruder remains “all electric” on all model configurations. The final design of the machine is based upon the customer application. The new model offers processors huge flexibility with machine design and provides the lowest energy consumption feature in the packaging industry for thin-wall, high-speed consumer products.
BATAVIA, OHIO, June 3, 2009…Milacron announced today a new injection molding machine line, the Cincinnati Milacron
“The PowerPAK is truly an “Earth Friendly Technologies.” designed injection molding machine, and, based on customer demand, the 2009 NPE show is the right place to introduce this exciting new model,” said Andy Stirn of Milacron. “Initial models will be available in sizes of 440 and 550 U.S. tons of clamping force and we plan to follow with models up to 1,125 tons,” he added.
“The new Cincinnati Milacron
PowerPAK was designed, engineered and is built in Batavia, Ohio, and the series complements Milacron’s range of packaging machinery from around the world,” explained Glenn Anderson, Milacron’s VP and General Manager, North America Injection Machinery & Global Extrusion. “Our new injection machine model is in response to customer input and feedback for machinery with flexibility and for a new domestic source of injection machinery for packaging applications. The Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machine brand is alive, strong and now growing into a vital industry segment.” states Anderson.
Enhanced Machine Performance of PowerPAK
Unique NO-FLEX platen design offers lower tonnage requirements than competitive models.
  • The only electric-based clamp with an improved greaseless solution for stack molds.
  • Enhanced injection rates, pressure and performance: 200in3/sec and 34,800 psi.
  • Hybrid and all-electric injection and eject axis offering electric power where needed and hydraulic power where needed.
  • Greaseless part drop area, excellent for medical, packaging and clean-room applications. The only electric-based machine with stack mold capability, optional tie bar supports, and an optional integrated greaseless carrier system.
  • Plasticizing capacity up to 1000lb./hr. of 4 MI HDPE.
  • Multiple extruder diameters for optimal plasticizing, color mixing and low temperature melt performance.
  • Optional accumulator injection and ejection capability.
  • New HIGH-FLOW unscrewing rack circuits.
  • New EJECT-BUMP circuit (patent pending) for ejecting frozen parts off cores in high-cavitation molds.
  • Selectable accumulator assisted axis, as needed for specific applications.
  • New BYPASS screen filters for increased use of recycled materials.
  • Standard Features of PowerPAK
    • Mosaic control with enhanced capabilities and multiple language capabilities.
    • SERVTEK feed screw technology including the BARR™ VBET feed screw.
    • Elimination of high price troublesome servo valve technology.
    • Split base design for easier rigging and installation, especially in tight spaces. The split base design also offers significant savings on international shipment thanks to low-cost containerization.
    • Proven engineering designs that utilize FEA’s critical analysis for high-speed packaging molding.
    • Dynamic proven Milacron toggle design with very low platen deflection.
    • Lower tonnage requirements than many conventional hybrid type machine offerings.
    • New “walk up” base design for easier access to high cavitation and stack molds.
    • Easy integration with high-speed automation and downstream equipment.
    • Linear bearing guidance of moving platen for improved speed and long life.
    Earth Friendly Technology” From Milacron
    “Our Powerline NT line of machines has evolved now into the new
    PowerPAK, following an evolutionary path similar to our all-electric ACT machines, whose all electric technology revolutionized the global injection machinery market and for Milacron eventually became the current industry leading Roboshot SiB series. The same path is very probable for the new PowerPAK, given its unique range of flexibility for packaging applications” according to Bob Strickley, Milacron, Director of Marketing.
    The machine has sustainable features for processors:
    • Energy efficiency, up to 50-60% less compared to many competitive packaging machine models.
    • Clean operations.
    • Low carbon footprint versus many competitive models.
    • Lower dB levels.
    • Lower operation costs.
    • Lower installation costs.
    • Compliant with all US safety codes.
    • Manufactured in the USA in a responsible state-of-the-art facility.
    • Local service support and extensive parts support through SERVTEK.

    Watch a quick video of the PowerPak in action!