Maxima MG 1100-6600 ton Two Platen Design. Fast, efficient and highly configurable.

Tonnage Is Built Directly Behind The Mold
MAXIMA MG Series hydraulic injection molding machines

Direct Acting Ram with high pressure build up

Tonnage Build: During tonnage build, high pressure hydraulic oil in the cylinder platen pushes the Direct Acting Ram to build tonnage directly behind the mold.

  • Short stroke tonnage build using a small volume of oil to compress results in faster tonnage build time.
  • Reliable tonnage build. Only one piston to control, not four.
  • Centrally actuated tonnage force directly behind the mold provides symmetrically distributed clamp forces across the mold area.
  • Direct and even clamp force.
  • Simple and proven design, resulting in improved uptime.
  • Closed loop tonnage control enables part consistency and quality.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Better alignment, assuring reduced mold wear.
  • Better part quality and higher productivity.

Easy Mold Loading Access
MAXIMA MG Series hydraulic injection molding machines

High Performance MAXIMA MG machines are available with higher performance injection options capable of substantially higher injection rates. High performance options include:
Automatic tie bar retraction (optional) enables quick installation of bulky molds and low overhead crane situations. Reduced set-up to a fraction of the usual time.
(A) for high speed injection rates.
Accumulator assisted injection
  • (B) provides independent and simultaneous clamp and extruder operation for reduced cycle time and greater energy savings.
    High efficiency AC electric extruder drive
  • The optional hydraulically powered rotary nozzle shut-off valve prevents material from flowing into the mold runner system while the screw is rotating and the clamp is opening during independent operation.


    Adding Value Through Multi-Material Technology
    MAXIMA MG Series hydraulic injection molding machines

    The MAXIMA MG product platform is designed to be easily adapted to support your application needs and handle nest generation products.  The MG Series machines are designed with modularity to readily equip you with multi-material process technology.  Multi-component MAXIMA MG machines enable you to realize the added value from multi-material design flexibility, functional integration, parts consolidation, assembly reduction, increased productivity and reduced cost.
    Co-Injection Applications
    • Foamed core for reduced weight and noise transmission.
    • Glass-filled cores for improved physical properties.
    • Low cost core for cost savings.
    • High gloss skin material over structural core material for combination of aesthetic and structural properties.
    • Post consumer or industrial recycled material for environmentally-friendly core

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